Aakarshan Entertainment Pvt Ltd headed by Pradyumna Kollegal ventures into Malayalam cinema with Shine Tom Chacko and Dheekshith Shetty starring in 'Oppees'.


In a grand ceremony held in Kochi, the much-anticipated Malayalam film "Oppees" was officially launched, marking the entry of the renowned South Indian production house Akarshan Entertainment Pvt Ltd into the world of Malayalam cinema. The film features the Shining Star of Malayalam industry Shine Tom Chacko alongside acclaimed Kannada and Telugu actor Dheekshith Shetty and Darshana S. Nair. The film is directed and scripted by Soujan Joeseph, who has made notable contributions to Bollywood films and commercials over the past eighteen years.

The official launch of the film took place in Kochi, where the cast and crew were introduced to the audience. The traditional lamp-lighting ceremony marked the launch, attended by notable figures such as producer Pradyumna Kollegal, Distributors Association President Listin Stephen, music director M Jayachandran, cinematographer Santosh Thundiyil, and lyricist Harinarayanan.  

Aakarshan Entertainment Pvt Ltd, headed by producer Pradyumna Kollegal, enters the Malayalam film industry with "Oppees." The company has previously produced numerous hit films, making its mark in the South Indian film landscape.

The ensemble cast also includes Indrans, Lena, Jo John Chacko, Joy Mathew, Pramod Veliyanad, Baiju Ehzupunna, and other talented artists. The film promises a captivating narrative complemented by the expertise of its crew, including cinematography by Santosh Thundyil, editing by Shyam Sasidharan, and lyrics by BK Harinarayanan and Real Sathish, renowned for action choreography in films like "Pushpa.". Choreography is in the skilled hands of Vishnu Deva, costumes curated by Kumar Edapal, and art direction by Arun Jose. The film's makeup is entrusted to Manu Mohan, with executive production by Eldos Selvaraj.

The shooting for "Oppees" is set to commence in the first week of February , creating anticipation and excitement among cinephiles eager to witness this new chapter in Malayalam cinema.

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